Meet our Training and Qualifications team. We prefer to have a small group of highly experienced, skilled staff who really know their stuff, and the T&Q team have been chosen to fit the bill.

For our team, it’s all about the service users. They want to help increases the standard of substance misuse awareness training across Wales, so service users will find the same level of expertise wherever they seek help.

Any harm that can be prevented, any intervention that be carried out, and each life that can be helped back on track because someone had the right knowledge at the right time – that’s the aim of our training courses.

Matthew Rafferty - Training

Matt’s spent a decade working in the substance misuse sector, mainly because he has a passion for helping people that doesn’t fit with the standard 9-5. He’s got a wealth of experience in substance-related adult and child mental health care, and is also a specialist in the rapidly growing field of Steroids and Image Enhancing Drugs.

Matt is a fully PGCE-qualified teacher.

Tracey Kelly-Bosomworth - Qualifications

Tracey’s spent an impressive 16 years in the substance misuse sector, which includes 9 years working as a Senior Resettlement Worker in a direct-access homeless hostel in Cardiff, where she started out as a volunteer. While there, she decided that she wanted to be part of the solution to some of the issues she was seeing around her, and joined NewLink Wales.

Tracey is ILM Level 3 Accredited, has an IQA(TAQA level 4) qualification, and a Health and Social Care Diploma. She also delivers Alcohol Brief Intervention Training for Public Health Wales.