This is why NewLink Wales exists

Our 'Why'

We want people to stop hurting, fall in love with their lives and achieve wellbeing. Everyone deserves a chance to realise their potential. Some people have never had that chance.  We want to help them get there.

Our Vision

A world where wellbeing is possible for everyone.

Our Mission

At NewLink Wales we are committed to building resilient communities and enabling people to thrive as healthy individuals.  Through support and training we will empower people in need to reach their full potential, achieve life goals and move on from behaviours that put health at risk, such as substance misuse. Our commitment to wellbeing means that we will enable people to make positive connections, engage in meaningful activity, invest in health, and challenge the things that are holding them back.

Our Purpose

  • Develop social inclusion through the promotion of wellbeing.
  • Prevent or reduce harm, adverse health and living conditions and improve quality of life for service users, carers, professionals, volunteers and the public.
  • Inspire others to champion change and advance the education of the causes and effects of wellbeing issues, in order to prevent harm before it happens.
  • To drive up quality standards, inform the evidence base and support the implementation of best practice in other organisations.
  • To pioneer in the engagement of hard to reach groups and those with cultural needs.
  • Promote genuine equality of access to information, services and treatment.
  • Encourage volunteering and community participation.