This is why NewLink Wales exists

We uphold the rights of every individual to have feelings of worth, positive meaningful relationships, and a sense of purpose in life.

We view recovery from behaviours that are harmful to health, (such as substance misuse, or self-harm), as a restorative process through which individuals can definitively definitively away from identifying as someone ‘in need’. We believe it is possible for people to becomefull, equal, and active participants in all aspects of society and
achieve their full potential in life.

We undertake all that we do in ways that are:

  • Meaningful
    Sustainable improvements to someone’s health and wellbeing can only be fully achieved when there is strong community participation and good social cohesion. People we work with have the right to be in control of their own futures and fully involved in decisions that affect their lives.
  • Asset based
    Recognising, valuing and building on the combination of assets that exist within local communities.
  • Facilitative
    Bringing together people, associations and institutions to realise and develop their strengths, rather than focussing on identifying and servicing needs.

Why?  - Our Vision

For everyone to find happiness, health, connection and purpose.

What? - Our Mission

To be a catalyst for individuals and communities to fully realise their potential.

How? - Our Purpose

We work with anyone affected by, or at risk of, behaviours that are harmful to health
and wellbeing so that people can:

  • Access opportunities that encourage positive
    transformational change.
    We do this by providing and facilitating links with personal development programmes, counselling, volunteering and mentoring opportunities, skills training, qualifications, and employability pathways.
  • Make educated and informed health choices.
    We do this by providing training and education to professionals and the wider public, increasing understanding of behaviours that harm health and wellbeing and their effect on individual and public health.
  • Make positive connections.
    We will do this by facilitating activities that enable those we work with to contribute their individual skills and assets to strengthen communities.