OpenLinks is our volunteer forum, where our volunteers and service users across the programmes we offer give their thoughts on what we do.

Put simply, it's a way of making sure that the services and volunteer training courses we offer are up to scratch, and that we're actually delivering what our volunteers need. It also gives our volunteers the chance to flag up any gaps in our training programme - anything that they'd benefit from that we're not currently doing.

We're very aware of the difference that good, solid training makes to volunteers, so having the OpenLinks forum there to keep an eye on us feed back on the quality of what we're doing is a massive help to us.

Keeping us in touch

Another big benefit of our OpenLinks forum is that they're able to feedback from across the Substance Misuse Sector. We place volunteers in organisations across the entire of Wales; knowing how they’re doing, and finding new ways they can support their host services, allows us to make changes to our training.

Ultimately, that helps us make sure that the volunteers we send out into the world are doing the absolute best they could possibly do.

Who sits on the OpenLinks panel? Can I get involved?

The OpenLinks panel is made up entirely of volunteers that are taking part in one of our volunteer programmes.

There's usually 10 or more on the panel. All our volunteers and service users are welcome to join if they'd like to help out; the only entry requirement is enthusiasm. If you're going to be helping us figure out what services we need to offer, then you'll need a passion for making sure they're the best they can be.

If you’re part of our VOLocity, MILE, or NewSteps programmes, get in touch with us about OpenLinks.

[email protected]

029 2052 9002