Coronavirus update: Unforutnately, wwe’ve had to suspend all NewSteps and Buzzin activities for the time being, but our project co-ordinator will be in touch with some ways we’re keeping some bits of these going online, and how you can be involved. If you’ve not heard anything, please contact [email protected] for more information.

If you’re going through substance misuse and alcohol-related treatment, New Steps is here for you. It’s a chance to meet people, build skills, and be part of something incredibly positive.

Recovery can be a lonely experience, and we often talk to people who simply feel bored, don’t have confidence in their future, or worry about moving backwards, losing the progress they've made towards recovery. New Steps helps you connect with people who are experiencing the same thing, and gives you the chance to play your part in projects that are of real benefit to the communities around you. It can also help you cement your recovery and prevent possible relapses by providing you with something real, meaningful and positive to engage with.

We and our partners need your help with a range of projects across Wales. Taking part helps you get out there, get developing skills for the future, and get back in touch with what makes you ‘you.’

What sort of things could you be doing?

Just about everything. There’s a range of different projects that we and our partners need your help with, from gardening at visitor sites, to helping the charity shops that bring in money to keep charities going.

Want to see some examples? 

The National Museum of Wales (St Fagans) is one of Wales’ most popular visitor attractions. But it’s not easy keeping the historic buildings and beautiful parkland at its best, so our NewSteps volunteers help keep this time capsule of Welsh history alive.

St Fagans opportunities run on an ‘as and when’ basis so you might need to start on something else with us while we wait for these to become available.

Pedal Power is an organisation that helps people with specific needs get access to bikes; it’s something that can make quite a difference to their everyday lives. Our NewSteps volunteers help Pedal Power buy keeping the bikes in their proper working order, or by helping customers pick the right bike for them.

Charity shops exist all over Cardiff and the Vale. They bring in essential funds that help many good causes keep going.  Our volunteers help them with their day-to-day running.

Riverside Community Gardens is a big and pretty exciting project that teaches people from all walks of life how to grow food and how to live healthier lives. The variety of fruit and veg grown here is amazing – and our NewSteps volunteers help it all keep going.

How can I get involved?

Apply > Meet us > Start NewSteps. That’s the basic process.

We run several different volunteer programmes, aimed at different stages of recovery. We want to make sure that you’re on the programme that’s going to work best for you.

So to get things moving, fill in our Volunteer Application Form, and let us know on there that it’s NewSteps you’re interested in. We’ll then invite you in for a chat (we’re based in Cardiff) to talk it over with you and see what’s best.

Alternatively, you keyworker might refer you, but the rest of the process will still be the same.

We run several different volunteer programmes, aimed at different stages of recovery. We want to make sure that you’re on the programme that’s going to work best for you.

Any problems applying? Get in touch with us and we'll try and sort it out.