It’s not the easiest thing to think about, but remembering the work we do in your Will can create a lasting difference to your community.

We know that when it’s time to think about your Will, making sure those closest to you are provided for will always be the first thing on your mind; that’s as it should be.

But if your local community, and the wider Welsh one, are close to your heart, then you can make sure they’re helped, too.

That’s because investing in communities, and in their futures, is essentially what we do. We know that happier people build stronger communities. Wellbeing is the bedrock they stand on. Much of our work around substance misuse is built around helping people get away from something that damages their lives and the lives of those around them, and arming people with the facts and information they need to avoid or prevent harm before it happens.

So if it’s time to think about the impact you’d like to leave behind, we’re here to talk it through.

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