1st December 2017 - #HeroineDay

Every superhero has a back-story

It’s no secret that those recovering from substance misuse are relentlessly stigmatised; society simply isn’t given the bigger picture, or doesn’t want to see it.

But here’s the thing – addiction isn't a lifestyle choice. There are many reasons why people turn to drugs and alcohol. To achieve recovery requires heroic effort and superhuman personal strength of the sort that should be celebrated, and celebrated loudly.

It’s time to shout this from the rooftops. Taking the heroic example set by our service users, we’ve turned the courage of recovery into something big, bold and un-missable. We’ve created Heroine Day.

It’s a big, bright campaign, with a serious aim at heart: to celebrate the heroic strength shown by those who recover from substance misuse, and to help show those who are struggling with substance misuse that help is out there.

They don’t have to go it alone.

Want to be a Hero?

There’s a whole world of ways you can help our Heroine Day campaign really take to the skies – and they don’t all involve dressing up!

Buy a Wristband

Our Heroine Day wristbands won’t help you fly or give you super-strength, but there’s one superpower they do give you – the ability to show people that you’re helping us change lives.

They’re snazzy, they’re making a difference, and they’re only £1.

Where can you pick up a wristband?

You can also help us out by ordering a box of wristbands to sell at your workplace. Get in touch to ask us how >

Make A Donation

A bit pressed for time but still want to lend a hand? A donation of any size is always a big help. Just text HERO03 followed by £ and your amount to 70070

For example –

HERO03 £5

You can also visit our Donate page – choose the amount you want using the ‘Other’ Box.

Sound the Thunderclap

If you can sign our Thunderclap before noon on 1st December, you can help us get the word out about Heroine Day, and the positive message it carries, to over 100,000 people.

It takes about 20 seconds to sign up, and you can use your Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr account to sign in.

You'll find it here: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/65194-heroineday

Turn Your Workplace Into a Hero Hideout – Get Your Cape On!

You don’t need to install a secret revolving door; just dress up as your favourite superhero for the day, and donate £1 to us when you do so, either via our Donate page, or by texting HERO03 £1 to 70070.

Get as many colleagues as you can on-board to form your own super-squad! Join in online, too – send us a photo of you in your costume via Facebook, or on Twitter using #HeroineDay.

Heroes Assemble! – Hold a Hero-Themed Event

Let your imagination run wild – hold a hero-themed event, and donate the proceeds. We can provide flyers, posters, and some thoughts and advice if you’re stuck for ideas.

Here’s a few suggestions –

  • Champion’s Christmas – Give your work’s festive ‘do’ a Superhero theme.
  • Crime-Fighting Filmfest – Hold a Superhero film marathon at home, and donate a set amount for each person who attends.
  • The Pub of Power – arrange a Superhero day down your local pub. Perhaps a prize for the best costume?
  • The Hero’s Hurdle – organise an epic challenge to overcome, like a sponsored run, bike ride or even swim.

Heroine Day 2017 Campaign Video

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