If you’re worried about someone else’s substance or alcohol misuse, or are concerned that the recovery they’ve worked hard to achieve is at risk, then the information on this page should be a good starting point to help you figure out what to do next.

Help is available. There are services in Wales that have been setup to help, and there are dedicated people who run them. Your situation isn’t unusual, or impossible. There will be someone who’ll be able to help the person you’re worried about.

The person I’m worried about is under 25

The Switched On team are the first people you’ll want to talk to. They’ve been set up to help young people deal with drug and alcohol issues, and they’ll be able to advise you, or offer help directly to the person you’re worried about.

The person I’m worried about needs help stabilising their recovery

The FootSteps to Recovery programme helps people build their own recovery structures, mixing and matching the services that will help best for them. It’s been put together by SOLAS, Recovery Cymru and NewLink Wales, and you can fill in a referral form to get started.

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Services in Wales

Tearing Your Hair Out

Tearing your hair out is a group run by carers of drug and alcohol misusers to give support, help and advice to other carers. It allows you to share your concerns with people who understand, in a non-judgemental atmosphere. They also provide information on drugs, alcohol and other services, such as, housing, legal, peer mentoring and family sessions provided in the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan areas.

Visit the Tearing Your Hair Out website