The Buzzin project is one of our most exciting new ventures, using beekeeping to teach people essential skills they need to maintain positive changes in their lives.

We’ve got plans to expand the project in future, with a new rooftop bee-garden already in the works. We’d also like to expand the scope of the project, so that our wider areas of the community can feel the positive effects of working alongside our stripy superstars.

But we can’t do it without funds. A donation for our bees doesn’t just help out our winged friends – it also makes a big difference to the people that are cementing their recovery through Buzzin.

With a project of this sort, there’s always a myriad of different areas to take care of – so even a small donation could be a big help.

Thank you.

Click the 'Donate' button above to get started.

Looking for a beekeeping experience?

It's not just the people we support that can benefit from some bee-time - we've teamed up with Wales' first cat-café to offer Beeline Good, a day out with a difference. Enjoy lunch with the cats at Feline Good, then meet the bees and be part of a hive inspection.

Interested? Find out more, and see booking info, at

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