We help people get their lives back on track

There are many reasons why that needs to happen. A history of substance misuse, mental illness, long-term unemployment – there’s a long list of circumstances that can make people feel they’ve lost control of their lives. We’re here to show them how they can get it back – and how, through relapse prevention, they can keep it.

In a nutshell? We exist to build futures.

How do we do that?

Through volunteering. We supply substance misuse and wider wellbeing organisations with dedicated, motivated and fully-trained volunteers. We place volunteers in organisations across Wales. Their work is often essential to the running of services.

Through training. We train professionals who work in substance misuse and wider wellbeing organisations. We give them the facts, the confidence, and the capabilities to prevent problematic substance misuse before it happens, and where it has, to support people through recovery.

Through showing the way forward. We run programmes that allow people in recovery to get out into their communities, get involved in something meaningful, and get back to being who they are. By cementing their recovery, we can help them prevent relapses and maintain control of their lives.

What’s our background?

NewLink Wales was setup in 1999 with a simple aim:  to boost what the substance misuse sector in Wales could do. We wanted to help the sector go further, reach more people, prevent harm before it happens, and - where it has - to help re-shape more lives.

And that’s still what we do – but we’ve since widened our remit to allow us to help more people. The same paths, ideas, and training that help those recovering from substance misuse can also be used to help others, too.

So we’re now a wellbeing organisation. It’s a change that means that more services, more people and more communities can benefit from what we do. If an idea works, it’s worth sharing.

Our Values


Let's thrive together! We live wellbeing, we promote wellbeing


Driven by our passion, our enthusiasm, and the people we support


Fearlessly challenging, pioneering, exceeding expectations and making a difference


Dedicated to embracing individuality, to creating opportunities, to changing lives, to each other as a team

Hope & Optimism

Things can change, anyone can make it, nobody is written off


We'll have a great time, and show others how to do the same

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Need more info?

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