Residents are getting very excited in the (almost) magical village of Aberra – it’s just been announced that the NEXT talent contest is coming to town!

The prize is the Lamp Trophy, and the mysterious magical powers which go with it. These powers make winners rich, famous and super talented. One previous winner has even had a walk-on part in Coronation Street!

But, Jeanie, the producer of the show, has a secret – she knows where the real magic lies.  

Al Addin, his sister Sal and his mum Window Twonkie are just a few of the excited entrants. But they, together with their friends Matt and Lino, owners of the Flying Carpet Fitters, have to battle against Al’s uncle Geoffrey (sorry – Jaffary) who isn’t particularly nice, and who has his own thoughts on who should win the NEXT talent contest. He’ll do all he can to make sure it’s him.

New arrivals to the village Mr Sultan and his daughter, Jasmine, turn heads and hearts as they make new friends and build relationships. Meanwhile, the long standing local Aberra village dance troupe, led by their determined dance teacher Salsa Dip, practice, practice and practice some more in their attempt to seek fame and fortune.     

Will the talented escapologists escape the wicked plans of Jaffary?
Will the expert fire eaters get their fingers burned as they try to help Al?
Will the jugglers drop the ball when attempting to keep the Lamp Trophy safe?
Will the knife throwers please be careful when practising for the NEXT talent contest!

All will be revealed, like a rabbit from a hat - but will it be the happy ending you hope for?

This very funny show delivers all the classic pantomime antics and audience interaction whilst effortlessly catapulting this well-known tale into the 21st Century. Promising laughter for young and old, this show will have you wishing you had the opportunity to enter this crazy NEXT talent contest.

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Concessions: Under 16 / Over 60

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