The aim of the course is to increase knowledge, skills and competence around Domestic Violence and Substance Misuse. The course will provide clear and appropriate intervention pathways that help professionals act and support those in need.

Venue: NewLink Wales


  • Examine the legislation surrounding domestic violence and substance misuse, highlighting key aspects of the law that are relevant to current practice settings.
  • Analyse the available assessment and harm reduction tools in order to provide safe and appropriate interventions.
  • Identify how to effectively write case notes following a structured pathway that allows professionals to reflect on scenarios to develop their own practice.
  • Understand the effects that domestic violence and substance misuse has on children and family members, and how professionals appropriately manage this.
  • Highlight the importance of multi-agency working, and when it is appropriate to share information in accordance with the relevant legislation.
  • Recognise key question techniques and how to apply these in the workplace. This will be provided through real-life case studies, which will help particpants develop empathy and have direct insight into emotionally challenging situations they may face in the workplace.

Cost: Free (fully funded). Please note: this course is open to attendees working in Cardiff and the Vale only.

Attendance by invitation only.

Teaching Methods:

NewLink Wales uses the ‘systems approach’ when developing our courses, ensuring that they are interactive and engaging for everyone regardless of their learning styles. Informal assessments are built into all of our courses through the use of case studies, discussions and questions and answers and our tutors will encourage full active participation from everyone who attends.

Evaluation Tools:

NewLink Wales uses the Results Based Accountability (RBA) method of evaluating our courses. This allows us to find out if participants have increased their knowledge, skills and ability to work with service users from the start of training to the end of the course. In addition to this we have a comprehensive evaluation tool which will ask questions about the whole of the training course. NewLink Wales will then send you details of the RBA statistical information gathered, for each courses booked with us and a copy of the full evaluation forms for your records.