Please note: this course is free (fully-funded) to workers within Cardiff and the Vale. For workers outside Cardiff and the Vale, a £90 - £110 charge applies.

Please ensure you have permission from your manager prior to booking.


Course description:

The course looks at one of Britain’s most popular recreational drugs. On this one-day course we look at raising awareness on Alcohol and look in depth at harm reduction practices that can be applied. We also explore the risks, harms and dangers associated with Alcohol use.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Describe the effects of Alcohol on the body and brain.
  2. Identify the risks surrounding Alcohol and the drinking culture in the UK.
  3. Explain what UNITS are and how long Alcohol can stay in the system.
  4. Understand the holistic approach to harm reduction in relation to alcohol and older people
  5. Alcohol brief intervention and harm reduction
  6. Overview of motivational interviewing.

Course aimed at:

This course is suitable for professionals and volunteers in the sector who wish to gain awareness and understanding on the subject area (Level 1)

Course duration:

9:30am – 4:30pm

45mins for lunch