Amanda's story

After a lifetime of self-hate, abusive relationships and complicated struggles with addiction, Amanda is finally facing the bright future she deserves. Here’s what happened.Read more

Alan's Story

‘I was brought up around people who drank alcohol regularly,’ Alan told us. ‘They enjoyed a drink and would drink every week, sometimes every night. It was the norm.’Read more

Carys' Story

'NewLink Wales are a fantastic charity. I feel it is imperative that outside donations need to continue to come in on a regular basis.'Read more

Ruth's Story

"NewLink Wales has given me not just hope, but the professional, accredited courses to enable me to move forward with my life."Read more

Chris' Story

Chris' struggles with alcohol over the course of his life aren't uncommon - but what's remarkable is the strength he showed in pulling himself though this, and seeking help. Today, we're proud to call Chris one of our team members. Here's how he got there.Read more