World Suicide Prevention Day marks start of new life-saving partnership

10th September marked World Suicide Prevention day, and a chance to reflect on what individuals, services and organisations can do to recognise and support those struggling with suicidal thoughts.

The Jacob Abraham foundation was established in 2015. It’s named after Jacob, who took his own life at the age of 24, and was created by his family and friends. They’ve spent the last three years having those difficult conversations, reaching out to people, and helping them turn things around.

The Jacob Abraham Foundation moves to Meridian Court

10th September also marked a new chapter for the foundation, as they move into new premises in Meridian Court, Cardiff. ‘It’s a much better space for us’, says founder Nicola Abraham. ‘We’ve got a confidential, closed area for intervention, and talking to those experiencing suicidal ideation. It’s a safe space, where someone can feel listened to, valued, understood.’

‘We’ve also got a large main floorspace now, ideal for running effective postvention workshops and other training on how to support people in the best ways possible. Our entire new premises are set up to allow us to create a calm place – somewhere where it’s possible for the people we support to stop, put the world on hold, and breathe.’

Suicide Stings: a new way to approach suicide prevention

Being in the same building as NewLink Wales will allow a greater level of co-operation between the two charities. One of the first examples of this is an innovative project that looks to find a new way to get through to young people in distress and at risk of suicide.

Funded by Comic Relief, Suicide Stings aims to connect with and train tattooists to identify, signpost and provide early intervention support for customers who may be having suicidal thoughts.

‘Having a tattoo, an image that will be part of your appearance for life, is a moment in which someone is forming a part of their identity,’ explains Nicola. ‘It’s a moment of vulnerability. And to allow someone to tattoo you, you have to be able to put significant trust in them.’

Other areas of the project will include beekeeping, the emotional regulation and positive mental health effects of which have already been demonstrated by NewLink Wales’ Buzzin project, and full-day Suicide Brief Intervention Training.

‘By working together, and closely with our communities in this way, we can open up many more opportunities for support' - Jown Lowes, NewLink Wales CEO

Beekeeping provides an opportunity for breathing space, and a slow, measured thought process. The Intervention training will incorporate information around substance misuse, which research shows has a strong link with suicide, particularly among young men, 

‘We are really excited about the opportunity to work closely with the Jacob Abraham Foundation on a project that will reach people in a new innovative way,” says NewLink Wales CEO, John Lowes. ‘By working together, and closely with our communities in this way, we can open up many more opportunities for support.

‘We are pleased to welcome the Jacob Abraham Foundation to our premises at Meridian Court.’