At NewLink Wales, we’ve always believed that where you’re going matters more than where you’ve been. We’ve always focused on futures. That goal of moving forward is at the centre of our new strategy, which lays out what’s next for us, and the role we’ll play in supporting people as they decide what’s next for them.

Our new strategy will focus on providing the tools and opportunities for individuals to discover their own strengths and abilities as part of their recovery, and in doing so, put them in a position to have control over the futures they build. No service can simply hand someone their recovery; it’s a personal and transformative process, a discovering of both identity and potential.

Our approach looks beyond the person as an individual with needs and challenges and towards a proud and active citizen with strengths and value to bring to the communities in which they live.

 - NewLink Wales CEO John Lowes

Our strategy will be supported by more partnerships with people, services and communities, because the process of driving positive and sustainable change for both individuals and communities relies on sharing knowledge, resources, and ideas.

Ultimately, our new strategy is about moving people on and away from reliance on services - and doing so in a way that puts them in control of how that process happens, and empowers them to decide where they’re going next.

You can read our full Strategy Document below, as well as an overview from John Lowes.