She’s the NewLink Wales runner in the 2017 London Marathon.

Jenine applied for our London Marathon place and was in the final two we shortlisted.  It was very difficult to choose between them, so we did the only thing we could – we flipped a coin!

Unfortunately Jenine didn’t win. It wasn't easy for us to tell her, but although disappointed she understood our dilemma, and took the decision with good grace.

Shortly after meeting our chosen runner, he contacted us with some bad news: he was devastated to tell us that he had been informed of a family occasion taking place the same weekend as the marathon – and wouldn’t be able to run for us.

Jenine to the rescue

Whilst we were sorry to lose our first runner, we were also very excited to now be able to offer the place to Jenine.  We just hoped she was still interested!

When we contacted Jenine, she was still keen on the idea, and took it as a sign that the turn of events was ‘meant to be.’ 

‘The idea of running the marathon had popped into my head whilst watching it back in April, but I decided to first begin training for a half marathon before taking this big leap,’ she said. ‘Since successfully completing the Cardiff Half in August, I have been infected with the ‘running bug’.

‘Seeing this spot available really made my day.’

The race is on

With only four months notice and a fundraising target of £2000, it’ll be no mean feat, but with Jenine’s determination and belief in our work, we have no doubt that she’ll smash both her targets.

‘I am interested in mental health and wellbeing personally and professionally. I’ve recently been involved with mental health first aid at my place of work and so the ethos of NewLink Wales really fits in well with my own personal aims,’ she said recently. 

‘Learning that mental health and wellbeing issues affect so many people really opened my eyes and I am now very aware of the unseen conditions that people may be affected by, but are not always physically visible.’

Jenine has stepped up her training and is following the Martin Yelling First Time Finisher 16 Week Marathon schedule.  She’s also getting tips from the Personal Trainers at Pure Gym Cardiff Gate who are keen to help her.

How can you help?

She’s already raised over £300 and has plenty of fundraising ideas up her sleeve, but Jenine needs all the support we can give her. 

You can keep up to date with her training and fundraising on Twitter and Instagram (@jeninebedoo) and you can sponsor her by texting JENH26 £(amount of your choice) to 70070 or follow the link to her Virgin Money Giving Page:

Thank you, Jenine. We are absolutely thrilled - and extremely grateful - to have you running for us.