The board of Cardiff and Bridgend-based Wellbeing charity NewLink Wales has announced the appointment of John Lowes as their new CEO. John will start his role on 4th June 2018, succeeding Lindsay Cordery-Bruce, who has left to take up the position of CEO of The Wallich.

John has a wealth of knowledge to bring to his new role, with over a decade of experience working in Third Sector substance misuse and mental health organisations. His management and auditing skills were previously honed during a seven-year stint holding key positions in technology firms.

He has successfully led on organisational strategic change and business development, and has a keen understanding of what it is like to work at operational, senior, management and strategic levels within an organisation.

‘A passionate advocate’

Speaking about his appointment, John said:

‘Throughout my career and my personal life, I have seen people make remarkable changes and achieve the lives they want to live. The experience of these individuals and the support of the communities around them is so incredibly important in shaping the ways organisations like us can help people to realise their full potential.

 ‘It is a real pleasure to be given the opportunity to support an organisation like NewLink Wales to extend the impact of the great work it does. I am a passionate advocate of strengths-based approaches, and our position in the sector will strengthen us as we respond to legislative changes and the resulting need to re-think how we connect with individuals, our communities and across sectors in a truly collaborative, equitable and inclusive way.

‘We have a huge opportunity, throughout this sector, to really invest in the strengths of those we connect with, and to help them find an identity beyond that of a service user.’

John Morgan, Chair of the Board of Trustees, said:

‘On behalf of the entire Board, I would like to congratulate John on his appointment and we look forward to his tenure as CEO.

‘John has a track record of strong leadership, innovation and investing in people and we are confident that he will ensure that NewLink Wales continues as a trailblazer charity in the Wellbeing sector.

‘We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Daljit Kaur Morris for her tremendous work as interim CEO of NewLink Wales. Dal’s guidance and commitment, and the support she has shown to all staff and volunteers, has positioned the charity well for the next stage in its development.’